WebCamSpy Python

simple and free open source Python video motion detection and remote monitoring server.


You can download WebCamSPy on sourceforge, no warranty, no liability, project is provided 'as is'.

On windows, WebCamSpy can run as a standalone application (py2exe). Simply download exe and install it (W2k or XP with DirectX installed. You will need to install giveio if you want to use I2C bus on parallel port.
On Linux, I still have some work to use Video4Linux from Python but WebCamSpy can already be run as any other python application from sources (LGPL) stored in subversion sourceforge . You will need to install some python modules like WxPython >=2.6 and pyI2C (optionnal) + pyParallel and pySerial.


Why ?

This project was, first, an amazing exercice to learn Python language with some HTTP, FTP, MAIL, and an optionnal WXPython GUI.
I also needed a simple but powerfull surveillance tool for home, easy to adapt to any new need.
The name is WebCamSpy = WebCams + python, and yes, it can secretly protect your goods like a spy would do, but more of all, it is written in Python language !

Features (1.1)

Future features